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iKON (아이콘) consists of 7 members: B.I, Bobby, Jay, Ju-ne, Song, DK and Chan. iKon debuted on 15 September 2015, under YG Entertainment.
Name: Kim HanBin
2014–present: Mix & Match and iKon[edit]
Ikon Songs, Ikon Member, Ikon Debut, Ikon Kpop, Polaroid, Hanbin, Bobby, Yg Entertainment, Idol
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KPOP #2 iKON Kim Hanbin 김한빈 (B.I) Rap Part in Welcome Back Debut Album
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180818 iKON 2018 Continue Tour in Seoul 비아이 01 crop.jpg
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Ju-ne 2018 iKon
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iKON - 김한빈 / Kim HanBin - B.I (Bobby / Kim JiWon - Kim JinHwan - Kim Donghyuk - Song YunHyeong - JuNe / Koo JunHoe - Jung ChanWoo)
B.I (Kim Hanbin), The Charismatic Leader and Rapper. ikon-bi
{Before, to me B.I didn't seem like nice person. But I decided to give him a chance and all I can say is that he is hardworking and at the same time ...
“For music and choreography, he usually says that it's too 'boring'. He pursues perfection. But he always says the right things, so we get more inspired and ...
160115 B.I @ Hyundae Department Store Fansign © JUST HANBIN | DO NOT edit.
Chan 2018 iKon
Bobby iKon
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Ikon, b.i, and hanbin image
Ikon, hanbin, and b.i image
160611 B.I @ SHOWTIME TOUR - Shanghai © 帅帅 | DO NOT edit.
Return is packed with 12 songs, including a mellow and bright title track titled "
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Best Songs Written/Co-Written By Hanbin aka B.I. (iKON)
Lovelife about Kim han bin from iKON
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What's the funniest meme/gif/tweet/any Internet thing you've seen of yourself or other iKON members?
IKON's Muse🎙 | HANBIN b.i
When Charisma B.I (iKON) loses his charisma... he's the cutest [Our Pabo Hanbin] ❤️
Source: Tumblr
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The Fantastic Abs of iKON's B.I. Kim Hanbin
Real name: Kim HanBin
Name : Song Yunhyeong ...
iKON's B.I's Great Looking Hairstyles. Kim Hanbin
iKON. [텐아시아=박수정 기자] “Debut concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Hall”, “Domination of music charts with debut single”, “Victory in Mnet's 'Show Me the ...
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iKON in anan magazine images. Spoiler. Cyfpx8iVIAAj-RP.jpg
Name : Yang Hong Seok ...
iKON Pre-Debut © Owner via ICNKR
Although many Kpop agencies tell their idols to hide their tattoo, YG is the few that allows and seems pretty cool about it. I'm so curious what his tattoo ...
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Hanbin is MYTYPE followed
Rapper Continues To Plagiarize iKon B.I.'s Self-Composed Song - Ulzza.com
... iKon! ❤. CZEe5niUgAEO8JB
IKON Kpop T BI Jin Kim Ji Yuan Hanbin BOBBY summer cotton short-sleeved cotton
Ikon B.I 😊❤️
And finally, two main goals for iKON in 2018?
That's not to say he doesn't have a type, however, because he has admitted in recent interviews that he has started to become attracted to pretty girls!
Ikon, kpop, and hanbin image
Ikon, kpop, and hanbin image
iKON's Bobby has a song about his early 20s and what idol life was like iKON's Bobby held his first official solo album press conference for LOVE and Fall.
Ikon, hanbin, and yg image
iKON Members Profile: YG Entertainment's Iconic Boy Group