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Illegals Invading USA Waving Honduran and Mexican Flags Justin
Illegals Invading USA Waving Honduran and Mexican Flags
Justin Smith expresses the opinion of Americans that elected President Trump to Office. Stop illegal alien immigration and move out the illegal aliens who ...
They're waving the Honduran flag. This is an invasion.
... the below commentary on my Facebook Group (with the horrendously long name) yesterday. There, Justin didn't suggest a title so I arbitrarily made one.
In Tijuana on Sunday, a demonstrator holds a Mexican flag outside a migrant shelter,
Don't Be Fooled by Leftist Lies About the Immigration Explosion
Muslim Carrying ISIS Flag
Can anyone provide me with valid legal reasoning – as opposed to bleeding heart globalist sympathetic transnationalism – why the U.S. government or actual ...
Jamie Glazov originally wrote this strategy suggestion in 2016 as Obama was exiting the Office of POTUS. FrontPageMag has resurrected the article because of ...
Justin Smith and many Conservatives looking at President Trump's willingness to negotiate on allowing illegal aliens to remain in America is viewed as a ...
Image result for picture of Honduran migrants on U.S. border fence waving the Honduran flag
Illegal Immigration Destroys American Lives
The La Reconquista?
Illegals Invading USA Waving Honduran and Mexican Flags. Don't Be Fooled by Leftist Lies About the Immigration Explosion
Image result for picture of Honduran migrants on U.S. border fence waving the Honduran flag
In reversal, Trump orders halt to his family separation rule
Tijuana protesters chant 'Out!
Justin Smith rightfully excoriates Leftist activist Judges ignoring the U.S. Constitution by unconstitutionally thwarting President Trump putting a lid on ...
(Via Daily Mail) – An army of a thousand migrants from Central America are marching through Mexico to the US where they hope to get in by any means – legal ...
Liberty First and Foremost
Melissa Guzmán, 33, center, from Copán in Honduras, waiting in line for food with other migrants outside a recently arranged shelter in Tijuana, Mexico, ...
Migrants from caravan in limbo as US says border crossing full
WATCH: Tijuana protesters chant 'Out!' at Central American migrants camped in city | News24
Intro to 'The Lessons of September 11th'
... by the press as she argues with a woman during a protest against the presence of thousands of Central American migrants in Tijuana, Mexico, Sunday, Nov.
Community cover photo
The Youtube channel VladTepesBlog posted about a 42-minute prepared speech read by a Swedish gal - Nina Drakfors*** - expressing her dire disappoint with ...
Capitol Hill Outsider
SlantRight 2.0: If you ignore this, the left wins -Eugene Delgaudio is an activist exposing the nefariousness of the Homosexual Agenda.
Brigitte Gabriel is a New York Times best-selling author, terrorism expert and the Founder and Chairman of Act for America. Her new book, "Rise: In Defense ...
SlantRight 2.0: Woodward's 'Blue Wave' Launch Pad: Fear Crazy Trump! -Mark Alexander evaluates Bob Woodward's new book ironically released on 9/11, ...
SlantRight 2.0: 5 Justices Stick to Constitutional Originalism -Five Justices of the SCOTUS still adhere to the U.S. Constitution. And four Justices take to ...
These patriots in waiting sat atop the border fence, laughing and waving the American flag ...
Elsa shows optimism in human nature relating Islam. She believes the more non-Muslims are educated about the real Islam, people will understand Islamic ...
SlantRight 2.0: Weekly Update: Strzok Drafted Comey's Letter to Congress About Weiner's Laptop -
Tijuana protesters chant 'Out!
SlantRight 2.0: Choose Pro-Life for Justice Kennedy's Replacement -Justin Smith makes an excellent case for President Trump to nominate a Pro-Life and ...
About a week ago I posted Justin Smith's erudite essay called “Purging History”. This submission should be considered a part two because the theme is the ...
This old wart should be condemning the dui murder by one of her illegals! Liberal
SlantRight 2.0: 65 Women from Kavanaugh's High School Years Deliver Message to Judiciary Committee -Senator Feinstein's little ploy to destroy Judge Brett ...
SlantRight 2.0: Leftist Censorship Thrives on University Campuses in America -Brigitte Gabriel emailed an excerpt from her new book buy RISE: In Defense of ...
Illegal Aliens Using Minors to Enter U.S. Increased 315 Percent Since Last Year
SlantRight 2.0: MIND CONTROL – Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy Fact -MIND CONTROL is where American Patriots have concerns that a Left-oriented government ...
Texas Company Caught Hiring Illegals. Now They're Down $5 Million By Neetu Chandak August 30, 2018 at 1:11pm
Tijuana's mayor says the influx of migrants could last SIX MONTHS | Daily Mail Online
1,200 Illegal Aliens From Honduras March Unimpeded Through Mexico Toward U.S. Border – Are Glenn Beck and Dana Loesch Going To Greet Again?
President Trump is not only threatening to secure the border, he's threatening a Washington DC-based business model that makes money for a lot of interests.
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300,000 illegal aliens getting stimulus jobs?
Obama said we all have to have some “Skin in the Game” Putting Illegal alien's needs above the American citizen
A BuzzFeed reporter who is travelling with the group to document their progress posted a moment
The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same
Obama handing out $18,000 to illegals
Mexica Movement activists protest in L.A.
Democrats AR-15 NRA Illegal Aliens Guns
Marchers in Los Angeles carrying a Mexican and American flag
... US compared to some America's team places first in the 2018 International Math Olympiad ...
Law firm uncovers illegal immigrants, convicted felons on rolls — and some have voted in crucial swing state
The U.S. Border Patrol - The new Nanny force
For Palm Sunday the Central American migrants, pictured above attending mass, traveled on foot
about ...
This includes drugs and illegal immigrants piling into vehicles on the road adjacent to his four-acre property and ultralight aircraft flying near his ...
3 military figures top list to replace Flynn
While liberals want us to believe that every undocumented immigrant comes to this country is only looking for ...
Ever since President Trump took office, illegal aliens in the United States have been streaming across the border ...
... protest marches are being played to the hilt in the media while the larger protest marches mounted in the weeks and months prior to Bush's invasion ...
Seahawks defensive lineman Frank Clark (left) hugs Seahawks defensive lineman Rasheem Green as Green
Our old friend, Norman Solomon, asked us to share his newest TruthDig! essay with DWT readers. I'm sure you'll find his title, What Joe Crowleys Defeat Has ...
Only two weeks left to US Election Day: Please vote!
Requiem for a media pioneer