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January 9 ·
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KITTIE Is 'Toying With The Idea' Of Making New Music
Kittie 2000
Kittie one of the best all female metal bands ever!! <3 c: to bad there over looked it seems =~= there totally beyond amazing!!
Since 1996, Canadian singer/guitarist Morgan Lander and her drummer sister, Mercedes, have led Metal veterans Kittie through more than two decades of ...
When such acts hit the mainstream, they tend to become extremely popular, so one may wonder why there weren't more of them. We have seen that, ...
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kittie interview 2018 - Interview - Morgan Lander of Kittie
we are kittie.... we rock!
MU: Let's go back to the beginning of your musical career - which couldn't have been that long ago. How old are you?
Interview: Kittie
London heavy metal rockers Kittie, from left, Morgan Lander, Mercedes Lander, Trish Doan and Tara McLeod are celebrating 20 years in music industry next ...
KITTIE is a four piece phenomenon from Canada. No cute, light, frivolous melodies for these ladies. Oh no, their music hits you real hard in the face.
KITTIE Bassist TRISH DOAN Dead At 31
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KITTIE's MORGAN LANDER: 'We Aren't Working On Any New Music Right Now
Surviving 'Spit:' Fallon Bowman on Life after Kittie
Old school Kittie; kinda sound like a She-Metallica now, but I still have a play list with Brackish in rotation
Let's face it, if you're in a metal band chances are it doesn't pay the bills. Some people choose to work as bartenders, airline pilots, and deli counter ...
Studio album by Kittie
2001 KiTTiE Oracle Tour Rare Vintage Canadian Nu Metal Girl Grunge Band Concert Tour T-
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Studio album by Kittie
Japan ...
Two line ups, one amazing band 😉 #kittie #kittietheband #
... currently listening to their discography (barely heard of this band), and yes I will make MY OWN mind up about this band, don't you worry
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Kittie on Sexism in the Music Industry
Kittie (stylized as KiTTiE) are a Canadian heavy metal band formed in London, Ontario back in 1996. They have released six studio albums, one video album ...
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Whitney South
Old school Kittie; kinda sound like a She-Metallica now, but I still have a play list with Brackish in rotation
Talking About Kittie's 20th Anniversary and Upcoming Documentary/Book with Drummer Mercedes Lander
Kittie ❤️
4" Kittie Logo Female Extreme Heavy Metal Music Band Woven IRON On Patch T shirt
KITTIE on Upcoming Career Spanning Documentary, Status of Band | Metal Injection
An introduction to the band KITTIE
MERCEDES LANDER On Forming KITTIE In 1996 - "I Had The Weirdest Childhood Ever.
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KITTIE's Mercedes Lander Calls Bullshit On The Genre "Female-Fronted Metal"
KITTIE Drummer On Silliness Of 'Female-Fronted' Description: 'You Don'
Heavy metal has a long and ignoble tradition of female-led bands that just begs for a juicy Behind the Music-type documentary. In light of Lita Ford's T&A ...
All girl heavy metal band Kittie goes on tour with Dirge Within and Diamond Plate
Mercedes: “I've only been in The Alcohollys since 2011, but the band has been around since 2009. Dana started the band with some girls that aren't in the ...
KITTIE – Announces Headlining 2011 Summer Tour & New Album Update
Kittie - Spit in Your Eye
Taking it from the top, and Kittie itself was actually formed back in 1996 by both your self and Fallon Bowman, having met in an extracurricular gym class!
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In spite of the band's lyrics, Kittie member Morgan Lander (pictured) said that the members of Kittie led "fairly normal lives".
Back in March we talked about Kittie starting up, and doing extremely well with, an IndieGoGo campaign that would fund a documentary and book to celebrate ...
kittie, talena atfield, and morgan lander image
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KITTIE's MERCEDES LANDER: 'Inamorato' Song. "
1. Are you guys horror movie fans? If so, name the ones that scare you the most?
Kittie - Brackish (Music Video)
mercedes slide - Interview - Mercedes Lander of Kittie & The White Swan
Kittie Origins/Evolutions - Naming the Band
These chick are pretty hot and they can rock!
KITTIE Shirt Metal Band SPIT Black T-shirt Blood Vampire Canadian Rock Female M #
Kittie (from left): Tara McLeod, Mercedes Lander, Morgan Lander, Ivy
By Bob Suehs
Kittie What I Always Wanted Official Music Video
The White Swan, the band that consists of Kittie drummer and vocalist Mercedes Lander, bassist Kira Longeuay, and Bloodmoon Collective guitarist Shane ...
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Kittie band
Former KITTIE Guitarist FALLON BOWMAN On Band's New Documentary: 'It Was Quite Shocking At
Frontwoman Morgan Lander played Gibson Gothic Vs on tour supporting Kittie's 2000 debut album, Spit, but now she plays Hamer Vector models live and in the ...
... Kittie Bassist Trish Doan Dead at 31
kittie. kittie_
KITTIE || What I Always Wanted (Widescreen MTVLA Version)
In January 2016 the members of “New England's Hottest Female Fronted” band Bad Kittie decided to change musical direction to become Miss Kittie's Evil Twin.