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Some people seem to really ship Caleb and Jester after this dance
Some people seem to really ship Caleb and Jester after this dance but I cannot see
Jester holds it above her head and cries out in victory. She rummages through it, asking how to use everything in it. She attempts to use the kit on him, ...
Beau awkwardly asking Yasha for a dance 💕
Yasha, Jester, Mollymauk, Beauregard, Fjord, Nott, Caleb. Critical Role
Kafeole on Twitter: "Favs! #criticalrole #CriticalRoleArt #yasha #beau…
The Mighty Nein ships, what are they? Jester and Fjord are the only ones I'm sure if this early. The Mighty Nein. Critical Role.
Caleb reiterates again that Frumpkin is more than a cat: he is a fey creature who is able to transform into other beings. He adds that Frumpkin cannot die.
Fan art of Jester with the Ruby of the Sea, by Noah Warner.
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Finally, back to some Stranger Things drawings again (I was on a roll today–funny given how I had just self-declared that I wanted a break from dolls haha)
sorry for the millionth fanart of this moment
Molly found an enchanted scimitar, and Fjord found a golden orb that was somehow connected to his patron, and somehow enhanced his weapon after he took it ...
It begins to drip water and barnacles form along the metal. The shadows near the devil toad swirl into black energy and begin to attack it.
Your First Look at the Official Art for the Second Critical Role Campaign
I'm loving this show so far. I listened to the old season while working on the new season. Life is pretty good.
it's every crit role fan artist's sacred duty to draw a nott and caleb sleep pile
Food, shelter, safety - it would seem like an ideal, normal (well, as ideal and normal during a zombie apocalypse could be) place for the gang to live.
Post ...
der–klappstuhl: “they really own my ass at this point like ngl and
Interpretation of boat ride? Episode 16. Jester, fjord, and Nott. The Mighty Nein. Critical Role.
“I made another Jester drawing this was a very good episode 💜
Played by: Laura Bailey
Caleb gets advice.
Still not quite happy with this, but don't want to risk going overboard. Need to make myself do backgrounds.
Caleb confirms that this means they are friends. Yasha tells him to relax. He casts dancing lights to give her extra light.
What Does The Mighty Nein Have Left: Urukaxl
Monster Analysis: Escape from Urukaxl
I imagine this is seconds after Caleb utter's "Oh Astrid, you always were such a good dancer." Detail pics added @matthewmercer @VoiceOfOBrien ...
shiftychaos: “cant pick a ship? just,,,select all. ”
Another piece of incredible fan art for Critical Role. Seriously, the Critter community shares amazing creations all the time! This one is from @SayaelNu
Played by: Sam Riegel
Played by: Marisha Ray
In Infernal, Molly intimidates an imp using vicious mockery.
Caleb and Nott
Played by: Taliesin Jaffe
A random jester for day 26, #horns and #stertch ? ? #inktober #inktober2018 #goretober #goretober2018 #ink #inkdrawing #illustration #blackandwhite #inking ...
Dancing tiefling~ Blessed by the light of the traveller~! 💙❤💙 So excited to wear her again at @hibanacon ! ❤💙❤ #criticalrole #critrole #jester ...
Well if he's not dead then he and the people he ends up with would be marauders. They loot from and occasionally kill other survivors for supplies and stuff ...
#jesterlavore here to dance straight into your heart💕 I think the design is based
Played by: Travis Willingham
I imagine this is seconds after Caleb utter's "Oh Astrid, you always were such a good dancer." Detail pics added @matthewmercer @VoiceOfOBrien ...
I call it the Hupperduc waltz. I imagine this is seconds after Caleb utter's "Oh Astrid, you always were such a good dancer.
... #criticalrole got me through the second half of my undergrad thesis, so this show holds a dear place in my heart. I'm really loving Jester in campaign 2 ...
Caleb Widogast
I imagine this is seconds after Caleb utter's "Oh Astrid, you always were such a good dancer." Detail pics added @matthewmercer @VoiceOfOBrien ...
“Caleb let's dance!“ . . . . . . . . Thank you for the lovely dance @happy.hellhound it was super fun to spend the con with you and others and i really like ...
Laura Bailey with her character Jester. The Mighty Nein. Critical Role. Critical Role
Tess Fowler on
Played by: Taliesin Jaffe
SurugaMonkey 42 1 Critical Role - Jester flirting with Caleb by Takayuuki
Played by: Ashley Johnson
I love all of Jester and Clays interactions so much 😭✨
Monster Analysis: The Mist Captain and Crew
by Caleb Kuhlmann
Ships That Pass in the Night
I made something new for Caleb! I made the Dodecahedron and it glows!
Jester Leaps In: A Fool's Guild Medieval Mystery
Jester got her hands on the wand of smiles! xD Jester & edit: @iggypiyo Nott: me Photo by: @roboreptil #criticalrole #criticalrolecosplay #criticalrolenott ...
Molly and Nott Exchange by cgkpluie
Monster Crunch! The Breakfast Battle Game is a fast-paced game of luck and strategy, by Big G Creative, where players choose their favorite Monster Cereal ...
The Truly Brave Princesses by Dolores Brown
Saying goodbye to Mollymauk Tealeaf. Caleb, Beau, and Nott. The Mighty Nein
stolen from @frootlupandtaakotuesday! Fun drinking game: take a shot every time you hear one of these phrases at your table! ( don't actually do this, ...
Image of the illustrated title-page mentioned in the Preface
'You should see the other one, hah!' 💎⚔ Ya gal. '
Fest 17 Comp and Contest
CRStats Favorite Moments Episodes 2-26 - Club of Misfits
I love this one so so much, look at my wonderful friends 😭❤ . . Molly: @charcoalcosplay Yasha: @jozuarts Jester: @san_chi.cosplay Caleb: @sternen_zelt ...
None of the early pioneers of this art form called what they did graffiti. Many of them had no word for it at all. In the early 1970s, New York City ...
Tusk Love irl - - We just got these photos back from @synbiostael and
The 16-song ripper has been getting rave reviews ever since, but there's been one thing missing… the vinyl version!
Caleb: "Mollymauk?" Molly: "Yeah, yeah?" *smiles
List of unusual deaths
HAPPY SPOOKY MONTH 💙 the final countdown until MCM is starting & I'm working really hard to get all my cosplays finished~ here's a sneak peek of my Jester ...
[No Spoilers] Went to Keystone Comicon as some of our favorite characters.
There was a pool at Lumicon lol . . . . . @shatterfantasy Is the
by sandssavvy · Jester Visits Her Mom
Post ...
This piece of fanart ...
I found this beautiful Jester at the. "
Spaces of Sounds: The Peoples of the African Diaspora and Protest in the United States
Level 7 Update: Spells for Days
Commerce & Chaos
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