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These starter locs began with natural two strand twists! Let's watch her grow as her locs mature into fabulousness!
Starter Locs Weeks 1-3 • Maintenance, Diamond Parts, #Loc Count, Etc. | { LOCS } @Glamazini
My loc journey through year 1. No interlocking. It's amazing how they thicken up.
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Before I combed out my last loc (of around 115 locs) a few nights ago, I got really emotional. I have had locs for 27 years... since I was 3!
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Loc Journey vid1: Starter Locs 2 Month Update and Tidying frizz with Fingerwrapping - YouTube
Guest blogger Fiona
I think they'll be loc'd in no time. NaturaLocs Months, Starter locs ...
10 helpful tips for new locs/baby locs
3 month starter locs 2 strand twist
I love natural hair but I absolutely LOVE locs. I have been natural for 8 years and loc'd for 7 years. I have no regrets and have never looked back.
[2] Hair Styles for Fine Baby Locs: 3 Months/4 Months/5 Months/6 Months Loc Update - YouTube
After rinsing out the hair mask my hair was silky soft.
3 Months Loc'd
dreadlocks 10 month update
The above photos were taken about 2 months into Lilian's loc journey. Since she started I have re-twisted her hair 3 times. After this re-twist she got them ...
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I've learned how to conceal the loc'ing phase of the loc journey. I have been trained on how to style short locs to make the journey a little more ...
Stay tuned for BG "S" 2 Month Loc Update.
Starter Locs Up Do
My loc ...
... when I finally made the decision to loc my hair. I knew it was the right time, and cemented it by writing a letter to my loose natural hair. Month 1
I'm very proud of how far my hair has come. It's only after I retwist that I really see what my hair has been doing for the last ten months.
How to prep your hair for success
Stage 1-Starter Locs/ 3 to 6 months
Happy (belated) THREE Month Lociversary to Me!
I had watched many videos about how to shampoo baby loc's and came across a few videos with advice to dilute shampoo with water in a spray bottle and ...
loc extensions by the natural hair lady
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Protective Styles: Pros & Cons Of Faux Locs
The Interlocking method of starting locs is an alternative to the more traditional palm rolling loc method. It's one that I highly recommended because palm ...
Starter loc style - @ 2 months #locs #starterlocs #hair Locs Styles,
by Kinkycurlycoil · MONTH 8 LOC UPDATE
Teenage Locs: Source
If I hear one more person tell me that a previous loc twister told them that their locs couldn't be styled, I am going to scream… Ahhhhhhhhhh I just heard ...
My Starter Locs - 2 Week Update | NaturalGoldilocks!
All I'm doing is "2 strand-ing" the locs together. Towards the end I twist them just to make sure they don't unravel. I'm sure it'll take some months before ...
Faux Locs Vs. Loc Extensions : Which Is Right For You?
Oct 18,2014 I had my locs installed
loc extensions by the natural hair lady
Although I am a self-proclaimed natural hair product junkie, my transition into locs has reprogrammed my desire to buy new natural hair products and instead ...
Image titled Retwist Dreads Step 4
Hopefully, you're not maintaining your locs with heavy/thick cremes and is experiencing buildup in your starter locs, but if you are, It's recommended ...
short natural twist dreadlocks hairstyles
4 Common Mistakes that Will Ruin Your Locs
I'm six months into my loc journey, and I'm still extremely happy I decided to start locs. I will say that this process takes more patience than always ...
One Month (Loc Life) · image. As of August 1st I have had my starter locs ...
Double Tongued Dragon!
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Hair Chronicles: Second Set of Locs
Starter locs. April 2017 - Day 1 of My Loc Journey
I know I said that I would share a bi-monthly update on my loc journey, but last month I devoted completely to getting my new skin care line launched.
Almost a year wearing locs
December 3, 2017 Dreadlock Budding Stage/Phase
Deja Turner
In 2009, I made the big chop and started growing my dreadlocks from a very short afro. I knew absolutely nothing about natural hair and was completely ...
Natural Starter Locs
DXLYN locs
I've become pretty skilled at caring for my hair after 7 years of having locs. The really great part of having locs is that you can do as much or as little ...
Starter Locs / Afro / Natural hair
Hairstyle File: Ledisi's Lovely Locs
starter locs.jpg
I retwisted my hair ...
I always wanted to loc my hair, but I like to change my hair often.
3 Months Locs Re-Twist Tutorial |Budding Locs| Hair Update – Razac Products Company
Faux locs are a fun style to rock in the spring and summer months
The beginning: 2007
5.5 months loc'd
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I had watched many videos about how to shampoo baby loc's and came across a few videos with advice to dilute shampoo with water in a spray bottle and ...
Category: Starter locs. Month 25. Roughly two years of length since my second big chop in 2015.