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Ling Qi
Soul Contract - Spirit Pact Season 2 | ANIME LIST | Pinterest | Anime, Manga and Spirit
Soul Contract #Spiritpact
The Chinese donghua/anime Spirit Pact has been released on the online streaming service Crunchyroll and the reviews aren't pretty.
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However, Keika's manhua personality was a really funny kind of annoying, and this is downplayed in the anime. I found that kind of disappointing.
Soul Contract
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Spiritpact/Soul Contract - Kiss Scenes
An official website by Haoliner Animation League has been launched and announced that web comic Spiritpact will get a TV anime adaptation.
In the anime, he puts the rings on as a desperate attempt to keep from being corrupted by possessed ghosts. This really bugs me for two reasons.
... the animation is good too, the only problem I had was the chinese language, it was too new to me, but now there's the Japanese dub for it, ...
Spiritpact Keika You and Ki Tanmoku
Spiritpact / Soul Contract Full Interlude Song (CC Eng Sub)
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Spiritpact Soul Contract DVD Complete Season 1 & 2 (1-22) US SELLER Ship Fast
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|Spiritpact||Soul Contract|
Spiritpact / Soul Contract Episode 4 Review
Anime/manga日本 on Twitter: "Anime SOUL CONTRACT (LING QI) /SPIRITPACT SEGUNDA TEMPORADA #EPISODIO 3 RAW EN CHINO Link en chino: 💜 https://t.co/3l7dF0xUCi… ...
Webcomic / Ling Qi
Spirit Pact · Anime
... "Drawing FantArt of Spiritpact (Soul Contract) Sorry for the quality. 😅😑 Keika Yo (Yang Jinghua) and Tanmoku Ki (Duanmu Xi)… https://t .co/78GtLPov0z"
灵契 端木熙 + 杨敬华 = 熙华 扬敬华 + 端木熙 =
Duanmu Xi
Spiritpact (soul contract)
Spiritpact Keika You and Ki Tanmoku
Spiritpact and Soul Contract – Some Post Episode 1 Thoughts | Akibento Blog
Spiritpact 2
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sesaon2 ep1 of soul contract #lingqi #lingqi2 #duanmuxi #yangjinghua #yangjinghuaxduanmuxi #
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Soft Lips | Spiritpact | Soul Contract
my favorite screenshots from Soul Contract
Ki Tanmoku
자동 대체 텍스트 ...
One of the items on anichart that struck my interest was a show by the name of SPRITPACT. However it wasn't until the show started that I realized it was ...
Yaoi ANIME: Spirit Pact (shounen-ai) (2017)
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ChibiMerry 32 21 Soul contract by Leria-r
Gallery. © TENCENT Animation& Comics / SPIRITPACT Production Committee
Spirit Pact Wallpaper For IPhone
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Hoy terminó este anime💔 pero no he tenido oportunidad de verlo.
Drawing Fantart of Anime SpiritPact (soul contract) Characters: Tanmoku Ki (Duanmu Xi
kvl_tng. 严思盁 ( @kvl_tng )
𝒬𝒪𝒯𝒟 : have you watched Spiritpact? 𝒜𝒪𝒯𝒟 : I'm currently watching it . bnha page @eijirokiri .
Anime - Spiritpact (season 2) Episode - 12 This scene is so sweet and
灵契 ♡ 端木熙 + 杨敬华 = 熙华 扬敬华 + 端木熙
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That isn't to say that this isn't a really great final episode in its own right, but with so many loose ends screaming for a season 3, it isn't the most ...
kvl_tng. 严思盁 ( @kvl_tng )
Ahh the pain ;-; [#anime #spiritpact #soulcontract #lingqi #tanmokuki #youkeika #tanmokukixyoukeika #shounenai #shinryuushouken]
... #ChineseAnime #ChineseAnimation #Donghua #Anime #Chinesemanga #Manhua # Manga #BL
Spiritpact/Soul Contract - Kiss Scenes
SpiritPact by kathrinamontr
Anime: Spiritpact/Soul Contract .
Sôru îtâ Poster
灵契 ♡ 端木熙 + 杨敬华 = 熙华 扬敬华 + 端木熙
Duanmu Luoyue
Soul Contract/Ling Qi manhua by Pingzi, scanlations by UTMS. The adventures of Yang Jinghua, a ghost.
Manga Soul Contract - Chapter 5 - Page 11 .
Aki ♡´・ᴗ・`♡ ( @anime._bl )
灵契 ♡ 端木熙 + 杨敬华 = 熙华 扬敬华 + 端木熙
hawa777chibigallery 9 0 [P.Collab] Owari x Yoshiko (Spiritpact) by ChibiMerry
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灵契 ♡ 端木熙 + 杨敬华 = 熙华 扬敬华 + 端木熙
20+1 Cosas Que No Sabías De: Spiritpact / Soul Contract
Daunmu xi and shinryuu shouken. Soul contract season 2. Watercolor art by tifa_onee. #soulcontract #spiritpact #lingqi #daunmuxi #tanmokuki #shinryuushouken ...
kvl_tng. 严思盁 ( @kvl_tng )
-She was really so happy and moved for the fact Jinghua became Duanmu 's soul image. :D awwwwww. :D
Episode: 20 ONA +
This is important !
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♡•||Spirit Pact/Soul Contract||•♡ #manga #spiritpact #soulcontract #shounenai #boyslove #boyxboy #yaoi #keikayou #youkeika #kitanmoku #tanmokuki #seme ...
GeGeGe-no-Kitaro-Wallpaper-700x420 Top 10 Ghost Anime [Updated Best
Bruh when you thought it was just a gay anime and then feels hits you soo fucking hard 😂 I really loved it tho🌚 Watch it please
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